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Swift Question

Syntax changes in Swift 3 with Xcode 8

Recently, I convert to swift 3 and many errors were occurring.
Now I convert each lines of codes to swift 3. :(

I would like to know how to write loop in swift 3?
Here it is ...

for index in 0...((data as AnyObject).count)!-1{
print("Hello Everyone")}

Could not print the message. May be the syntax of loop in swift 3 changed.

Please help me.

Answer Source

Better you can try the Xcode's Swift migration assistance, that will help reduce your effort & time to convert the code to swift 3 :

When you open your project with Xcode 8.0 for the first time, you will be prompted via the migration assistant to do a migration pass. The assistant can also be invoked manually from the menu Edit -> Convert -> To Current Swift Syntax…

Also, the problem seems to be in your expression, try following :

for index in 0...((data as! [AnyObject]).count-1){ // will work if "data" is non-nil and is an array
        print("Hello Everyone")}
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