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Collections Sort to sort both ArrayLists the same

My program has to use the Collections sort method to sort the ArrayList of Strings lexicographically but each String has a corresponding integer value stored in a separate ArrayList. I want to sort them both the same so the integer values stay with the correct Strings. And if you know a better way to store both values I'm all ears.

public class a5p1b {
public static void main(String[] args) {

Scanner input = new Scanner("[^a-zA-z]+");
// ArrayLists to store the Strings and the frequencies
ArrayList<String> lst = new ArrayList<String>();
ArrayList<Integer> intLst = new ArrayList<Integer>();

//loops through as long as there is user input
while (input.hasNext()) {
String str =;
// if the list already has the string it doesn't add it and it
// ups the count by 1
if (lst.contains(str)) {
int index = lst.indexOf(str);
intLst.set(index, intLst.get(index) + 1);
} else {
// if the word hasnt been found yet it adds it to the list

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You are getting your abstractions wrong. If that string and that number belong together, than do not keep them in two distinct lists.

Instead create a class (or maybe use one of the existing Pair classes) that holds those two values. You can then provide an equals method for that class; plus a specific comparator, that only compares the string elements.

Finally, you put objects of that class into a single list; and then you sort that list.

The whole idea of good OO programming is to create helpful abstractions!