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How to force timeout for DriverManager.getConnection() method call?

I have an application which will establish DB connection with MySQL and execute queries. Sometimes the

method call takes 2 seconds and sometimes it takes 30 seconds. Is there any way to control this method to timeout after 2 seconds?

doesn't seem to work.

Actually, am able to set timeout for
by sleeping the thread for my timeout value and closing the connection after wakeup. But its the connection establishment part where I couldn't really set the timeout.

Would appreciate any help.

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If there's no other options, you could always just execute the call in a separate thread, which you abort/ignore if it doesn't finish in 2 secs.

EDIT Here's an example of what I was thinking:

public class Dummy extends Thread {
private volatile Connection conn = null;
public void run() {
    try {
        this.conn = DriverManager.getConnection("foobar") ;
    } catch (SQLException e) {
static public Connection getConnection() {
    Dummy d = new Dummy() ;
    d.start() ;
    try {
        Thread.sleep(2000) ;
    } catch (InterruptedException e) {}
    return d.conn ;

Then you can just call the static Dummy.getConnection() method other places in your code. One drawback is that this method will always take 2 secs, but changing it to return immediately when the thread is finished isn't too hard.

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