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Python Question

Oops, try again. Your function failed on the message yes. It returned 'yes' when it should have returned 'Shutting down'

Here is my pyhton practice program:

def shut_down(s):
return s

if yes():
shut_down("Shutting down")
elif no():
shut_down("Shutdown aborted")

the question given to me are:

  1. if the shut_down function receives an s equal to "yes", it should return "Shutting down"

  2. elif s is equal to "no", then the function should return "Shutdown aborted".

  3. if shut_down gets anything other than those inputs, the function should return "Sorry"


Couple of points:

  • Misplaced return statement. Should be at end.
  • if yes(): It is wrong. You want to compare function input with yes. It should be if s == 'yes':. Same for rest also.
  • Since you have written function definition as def shut_down(s):, it is expecting one argument. You should pass one argument while calling this function as shutdown(yes)
  • Once you called function and since your function has return statement, it will return some value, which you should catch like ret = shutdown(yes)

def shut_down(s):

    if s == "yes":
        r =  "Shutting down"
    elif s == "no":
        r =  "Shutdown aborted"
        r = "Sorry"
    return r

ret = shut_down("yes")
print (ret)