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C GPIO for loop

I have an LPC board and I need to iterate through the pins and check if they are high or low when I connect them with some LEDs/Wire. Problem I find is that the pins are not in a specific order. I have 20 Input GPIOs and 20 Outputs.

I have defined the pins as macro expressions Eg.

#define GPIO1 0,1 #define GPIO2 1,19
and then I stored them in an array Eg.
gpio_outputs[] = {GPIO1, etc};
but if I try to do a for loop of this array it tells me "too few arguments"

for (i=0;i<sizeof(gpio_outputs);i++){
// Chip_GPIO_SetPinDIROutput(LPC_GPIO_PORT, gpio_outputs[i]);

The prototype for


Now, from what I've been reading, macro expression don't work with this. So my question is how can I iterate through each GPIO without having to do it manually for all 40?

Answer Source
struct GPIO_Attr { uint8_t pinIndex, pinNumber; };
struct GPIO_Attr gpio_outputs[] = { {GPIO1}, {GPIO1} }; // Extra '{}' is necessary to initialize GPIO_Attr fields
for (i=0;i<sizeof(gpio_outputs)/sizeof(gpio_outputs[0]);i++){
    Chip_GPIO_SetPinDIROutput(LPC_GPIO_PORT, gpio_outputs[i].pinIndex, gpio_outputs[i].pinNumber);
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