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EasyMapping fails to map int from AFNetworking response

Let me start by saying this if my fist time testing out EasyMapping and as such this is from a test project using the default Core Data constructors provided by Xcode when making a new Project.

When I try to map an initial login of a user I get the following error:

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'Unacceptable type of value for attribute:property = "userID"; desired type = NSNumber; given type = __NSArrayI; value = (

The error is caused when trying to map the result of a POST using AFNetworking:

Successfully logged in with responseObject: {
collection = {
items = (
accountid = 12345;
fname = John;
lname = Smith;

Using the following code:

// Login server call and resulting Mapping
[[MyHTTPSessionManager sharedManager] POST:@"users" parameters:parameters progress:^(NSProgress * _Nonnull uploadProgress) {

} success:^(NSURLSessionDataTask * _Nonnull task, id _Nullable responseObject) {
NSLog(@"Successfully logged in with responseObject: %@", responseObject);
NSManagedObjectContext *context = [(AppDelegate*)[[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate] managedObjectContext];

// Start EasyMapping
User *user = [EKManagedObjectMapper objectFromExternalRepresentation:responseObject withMapping:[User objectMapping] inManagedObjectContext:context];
} failure:^(NSURLSessionDataTask * _Nullable task, NSError * _Nonnull error) {

User.m objectMapping fucntion

+ (EKManagedObjectMapping*)objectMapping
return [EKManagedObjectMapping mappingForEntityName:@"User" withRootPath:@"collection.items" withBlock:^(EKManagedObjectMapping * _Nonnull mapping) {
[mapping mapPropertiesFromDictionary:@{
@"accountid" : @"userID",
@"fname" : @"firstName",
@"lname" : @"lastName",
[mapping setPrimaryKey:@"userID"];

The Core data is setup such that it auto generates the following User+CoreDataProperties.h file:

#import "User.h"


@interface User (CoreDataProperties)

@property (nullable, nonatomic, retain) NSNumber *userID;
@property (nullable, nonatomic, retain) NSString *firstName;
@property (nullable, nonatomic, retain) NSString *lastName;



I'm not sure if I'm missing something basic here or not... I am using the following API versions as described in my Podfile:

pod 'AFNetworking', '~> 3.1'
pod 'EasyMapping', '~> 0.18'

Let me know if I'm missing anything or if you have any questions on how I have things setup

Answer Source

The issue appears to be around the nested JSON given by the server.

If I change the line to pass just the array held by the JSON object items the error seems be resolved.

User *user = [EKManagedObjectMapper objectFromExternalRepresentation:[[(NSDictionary*)responseObject objectForKey:@"collection"] objectForKey:@"items"] withMapping:[User objectMapping] inManagedObjectContext:context];
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