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Change HTML tag with Javascript

I asking the user to select given emails, and getting them with javascript from a form on click.

If I have an href like

<a href="#" id="myHref" emails=""></a>

And I have a bunch of checkboxes for every email obtained from the database

Using javascript, how can I add this
into the emails="" tag by clicking the checkbox?

Answer Source

You can listen to change event for each checkbox to keep track of checked emails:

var boxes = document.querySelectorAll('input[name=email]');
var link = document.getElementById('myHref');
var emails = [];

boxes.forEach(box => box.addEventListener('change', function(e) {
  var v =;
  if ( === true) {
    if (!emails.includes(v)) emails.push(v);
  } else {
    emails.splice(emails.indexOf(v), 1);
  link.setAttribute('emails', emails.join(', '));
<input type="checkbox" value="" name="email">
<input type="checkbox" value="" name="email">
<input type="checkbox" value="" name="email">

<a href="#" id="myHref" emails="">Link</a>

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