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C# get Label and change text

I am trying to loop through a list of currencies that I have and change the value of their labels.
I am looping through my currencies but how can I get the label and change its text of each label per currency as per example below.

EUR: 3.5
GBP 1.5
USD 2.5

lbl'item.currency'.Text = rate;

foreach (Currency item in new currencies().getAllCurr())



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You can add controls (Label) with id = Currency.Name (id="EUR"). In loop you can use Controls.Find and find this control dynamically.

public class Currency
   public string Name {get; set;}
   public decimal Value {get; set;}

foreach (List<Currency> item in new currencies().getAllCurr())
          Label tbx = this.Controls.Find(item.Name, true).FirstOrDefault() as Label;
           tbx.text = item.Value;
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