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Javascript: build html table from 2 arrays

Since a few hours I'm trying to find the best way to build the tbody section of my html from two javascript arrays.

Note: I may not use Jquery.

My array contains 2 childs arrays:

var arParent = [
["col1a", "col1b", "col1c"],
["col2a", "col2b", "col2c"]

I would need something like:


Answer Source

You can first convert rows to columns and then just add to table

var ar = [
  ["col1a", "col1b", "col1c"],
  ["col2a", "col2b", "col2c"]
], table = document.querySelector('table tbody');

//Convert rows to columns
var r = ar[0].map(function(col, i) {
  return {
    return row[i];

//Add data to table
r.forEach(function(e) {
  table.innerHTML += '<tr><td>' + e[0] + '</td><td>' + e[1] + '</td></tr>'

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