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TeamCity Alternatives

I write a lot of little projects, and I'd like to use something like TeamCity for my build server(s). My problem with just using TeamCity itself is that the Professional version of only seems to allow for, at most, 20 projects. And since these projects are generally not-sellable, the price tag for the Enterprise edition is a bit much.

The projects are written in various languages, both managed and unmanaged and for various platforms (user- and kernel-land in both Windows and *nix).

The features that I'm looking for:

  • To be able to manage projects for the multiple platforms that I support.

  • Integration with Subversion repositories.

  • For the Windows projects, I'd really like to just be able to point the software at my solution file (and not have to resort to building a series of commands that invoke cl or similar). (Bonus points)

Could someone suggest an alternative that would also work?

Update: Hudson looks pretty great. I just installed it on an Ubuntu box, is there a nice way for it to build my Windows projects? TeamCity does that whole build-agent thing, is there something similar with Hudson?

Thanks Again!

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Team City has an Open Source licensing option if that is what you mean by non-sellable. If not, look at Hudson.

EDIT: Here are the instructions for running a slave on Windows.

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