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Values not showing on JavaFX combo box

I have this code below, for populating values on the JavaFX


The System.out inside is printing state name inside for each loop, but the state name is not showing on the combo box.

@FXML private ComboBox<String> cmboState = new ComboBox<String>();

ObservableList<String> stateList = FXCollections.observableArrayList();

stateService = (StateService) App.getAppContext().getBean("StateService");
List<State> states = stateService.findAllState();
for (State state : states) {
stateList.add(0, "Select one");

Answer Source

There is no actual problem with this snippet, it is working, so please make sure that stateList is not erased somewhere else in your code.

Also, calling cmboState.setItems(stateList); twice is useless, as it is an ObservableList:

cmboState.setItems(stateList); // Here stateList is empty
for (int i = 0; i<3; i++) {            
    stateList.add("aaa" + i);
stateList.add(0, "Select one");

So my best guess is that you erase this list somewhere else, therefore the list of items in your ComboBox will be also erased.

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