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Javascript Question

How to create a dynamic file + link for download in Javascript?

Typically, HTML pages can have link to documents (PDF, etc...) which can be downloaded from the server.

Assuming a Javascript enabled webpage, is it possible to dynamically create a text document (for example) from within the user browser and add a link to download this document without a round trip to the server (or a minimal one)?

In other word, the user would click on a button, the javascript would generate randoms numbers (for example), and put them in a structure. Then, the javascript (JQuery for example) would add a link to the page to download the result as a text file from the structure.

This objective is to keep all (or at least most) of the workload on the user side.

Is this feasible, if yes how?


By appending a data URI to the page, you can embed a document within the page that can be downloaded. The data portion of the string can be dynamically concatenated using Javascript. You can choose to format it as a URL encoded string or as base64 encoded. When it is base64 encoded, the browser will download the contents as a file. You will have to add a script or jQuery plugin to do the encoding. Here is an example with static data:

jQuery('body').prepend(jQuery('<a/>').attr('href','data:text/octet-stream;base64,SGVsbG8gV29ybGQh').text('Click to download'))