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WooCommerce: How to set a default table-rate shipping method?

I have 2 shipping methods defined:

  1. Table Rates - Priority 1

  2. Local Pickup - Priority 2

Within Table Rates, I have 3 options:

  1. Registered Australian Post (2 to 8 Business Days): $6.50

  2. Tracking and Freight Insurance: $7.25

  3. Nation-Wide Delivery (5 to 12 Business Days): $1.40

All orders that fall within the Local Table Rate area are presented with these 3 options and by default, Option 3 is selected ( I assume because it is the cheapest)

It defaults the priority to table rates but you can't define priority within the actual table rates. I want the default option to be Option 1: Registered Australian Post (2 to 8 Business Days)

I have discovered that the default shipping method is set here:

WC()->session->[chosen_shipping_methods] => a:1:{i:0;s:17:"table_rate-5 : 70";}

and apparently can be accessed and modified using the following two methods:

WC()->session->set('chosen_shipping_methods', $chosen_method);

BUT, I can get the current
I just can't set a new one.

I'm trying to set it using the action
but it's not working

Can anyone guide me to what I should be looking at?

Answer Source

This is what I ended up using which worked as required:

/*=Use the shipping method filter to set the "selected" shipping method to 
 * the first (default) method in the list
function oley_reset_default_shipping_method( $method, $available_methods ) {

    $method = key($available_methods);
    return $method;

add_filter('woocommerce_shipping_chosen_method', 'oley_reset_default_shipping_method', 10, 2);

(NOTE: This worked because the shipping rate I wanted was actually the first in the list but just wasn't being selected by default)

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