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Java - Can java thread invoke start more than once?


I know this question has been asked before here, though indirectly. But it didn't answer my doubt.

Question : Is it legal to call the start method twice on the same Thread?

From the spec,

It is never legal to start a thread
more than once. In particular, a
thread may not be restarted once it
has completed execution.

I agree. But my code doesn't throw a
which it is expected to throw on execution of following program.

public class Tester extends Thread {
public void run() {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Tester thread = new Tester();
new Thread(thread).start();
new Thread(thread).start();

Q.1) I ran the above code in Eclipse. Here, since I am trying to start a new thread on the same instance, a
is expected to be thrown. But it doesn't.

Why ?

Q.2) If at all we did start a new thread on the same instance, what harm it would do ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Answer Source

Firstly, you are invoking on two different thread objects ie:

 new Thread(thread).start();
 new Thread(thread).start();

you are calling start method on two different instances. for which reason you are not getting the exception.

try with following to get the exception


For your second question. you can get the answer here : why cant we call start method twice on a same instance of the Thread object?

which is fortunately asked by me :)

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