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What is the proper way of replacing a nested for loop with streams in Java 8?

While learning Java 8 streams and lambas, I tried to replace the following nested for loops with streams :

List<Long> deskIds = new ArrayList<>();
for(ProvidedService memberService : service.getAllNodesDepthFirst()){
for(Desk d : memberService.getDesks()){

The loop iterates a list of 'ProvidedService' objects, and for each one, iterates over a list property of 'Desk' objects, and extracts the 'Id' field to a list.

I came up with the following code using streams :

List<Long> deskIds = new ArrayList<>();
service.getAllNodesDepthFirst().stream().forEach(srv -> {

Is it the proper/optimal way to do it ? Or is there a way to do this without the second nested stream ?

Answer Source

I would probably write it like this:

List<Long> deskIds = service.getAllNodesDepthFirst().stream()
                                          .flatMap(p -> p.getDesks().stream())
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