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SQL Question

How to count number of occurences for all different values in database column?

I have a Postgre database that has say 10 columns. The fifth column is called

. There are 100 rows in the database and possible values of
c5value1, c5value2, c5value3...c5value29, c5value30
. I would like to print out a table that shows how many times each value occurs.

So the table would look like this:

Value(of column5) number of occurrences of the value
c5value1 1
c5value2 5
c5value3 3
c5value4 9
c5value5 1
c5value6 1
. .
. .
. .

What is the command that does that?
Thanks for help

Answer Source

Group by the column you are interested in and then use count to get the number of rows in each group:

SELECT column5, COUNT(*)
FROM table1
GROUP BY column5
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