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Wrong variable data

happy new year!

Here is my code:

var totalwin,pradinisStatymas

function Increase()
totalwin += pradinisStatymas; //I'm adding increasing totalwin by pradinisStatymas
return print();

function print()
locale[lang][7] = "Total win: ";
var a="<br>"+locale[lang][7]+totalwin+"<br>";

$bCons = $("#botConsole");
function bot_debug(text,type)
case 0:{$bCons.css("color","#353535"); $bCons.html(text); break;}
case 1:{$bCons.css("color","#C12E2A"); $bCons.html(text); break;}
case 2:{$bCons.css("color","#419641"); $bCons.html(text); break;}

The problem is, if I set "pradinisStatymas" to 5, it should change $bCons's text to "Total win: 5", but instead it changes text to "Total win: 05".

If I increase it even further, it will keep adding the pradinisStatymas value at the end "Total win: 055".

It was working fine when I was using javascript console instead of html text.
I think I need to do some formatting, but I'm not sure how.
Thanks for help.

Answer Source

You've left out the important bit, which is how/where you're getting pradinisStatymas, but the symptom makes the problem fairly clear: The value in pradinisStatymas is a string. (Perhaps you're getting it from an input element's value.) So += is string concatenation, not addition.

If we assume that totalwin is set to 0 initially (and thus is a number to start with), convert pradinisStatymas to a number before the +=, e.g.:

totalwin += +pradinisStatymas;
// or
totalwin += Number(pradinisStatymas);
// or (if it's meant to be an integer)
totalwin += parseInt(pradinisStatymas, 10);
// or
totalwin += parseFloat(pradinisStatymas);

Those are some of your options, the third one one assumes that is meant to be an integer (whole number). My answer here goes into detail of the various options.

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