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Modern Java GUI

I'm writing a little program with Java and it would be cool if it looked a bit more modern. I want something that looks like websites, or apps flat, colorful buttons, lots of white space, looking neat and simple. Something like this:
(To avoid confusion: I'm not writing a website, it is a private, offline programm, meant to help me planning role play games. Essentially I'm writing it to learn something about Java)
I've read some questions that sounded like mine, but found nothing quite fitting. There are the very simple answers concerning look and feels. I've checked that out, but I don't think thats what I want (or maybee it is, and I've just not found the right one? Maybee you can recommend one). And the really complicated ones, mentioning programs or whatever I've never head about, and I'm not sure thats still Java, but I'm quite sure it's to complicated for me.
So what I would like to know: is there a (not more than moderatly challenging) Java solution to do what I want? (If so, what is it?^^)

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You have a number of choices, but it will depend on which frame work you wan to use...


You could:

  • Modify the look and feel properties of an existing look and feel to meet your needs
  • Create your own look and feel to meet your needs
  • Skin a look and feel using the Synthetic look and feel.
  • Provide custom painted elements as required...

Take a look at

Java FX

Allows you to "skin" the look and feel via the use of CSS.

See Skinning JavaFX Applications with CSS for more details

Passing thoughts

A "modern" looking application is a subjective thing. Users have predefined concepts of what an application should look like and how and application should work and the controls that should be used to achieve these results.

I would, personally, focus on usability as a primary goal and the look and feel as a secondary goal. Don't put form over function, it will always bite you in the rear in the end

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