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Scala Question

Cleanup after sending a file in Play Framework

I'm using Ok.sendFile to download a file from the server.

For this to work I need to create the file in the local file system of the server.

However, since the server has no use for the file itself and a new file is created per user-request, I'd like to delete the file after the download operation completed.

How can I do this, considering I have already completed my action and returned a Result?

def index = Action {
val fileToServe = generateFile("fileToServe.pdf")
// How can I "clean-up" fileToServe.pdf after the d/l completes?

Answer Source

I would recommend using play.api.libs.Files.TemporaryFile, so that you can use onClose argument of the Ok.sendFile method.

val fileToServe = TemporaryFile(new File("/tmp/" + tmpname))
Ok.sendFile(fileToServe.file, onClose = () => { fileToServe.clean })
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