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Javascript Question

No click event when rendering a js.erb partial

What happens to the dom when you re-render a partial with

? I can no longer get click events.

Based on this tutorial, I have followed it to re-render a
partial which works fine. When I click the "" button (on linked page), and on that page is another button that I'm listening for click events but not working.

The run down:

On index page, click event works. When I make the request for
, no more click event. So what really happen?


<button id="test" value="ok">click</button>


$( "#test" ).on("click", function(e) {

Answer Source

You click events don't bind to the new dom elements you should use event delegation to bubble the events to the newly created dom elements

$('body').on('click input keypress','.the_dynamic_element',function(){

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