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Easy Java ORM for small projects

I'm currently searching for a really easy way to get simple Java Objects persistent in Databases and/or XML and/or other types of data stores.

For big projects in the company i would use hibernate, ibatis, datanucleus or something like that. But with small private projects this will take over 80% of the worktime.

I also found "simpleORM" but this one requires to code data-related stuff pretty hardly into the data-model classes. I don't really like that style so this is no option for me.

Do you have a suggestion for some library which simply takes my objects and saves / loads them as they are or with very little configuration?

Answer Source

You could try ORMLite, which was designed as a simple replacement for hibernate and iBatis. I'm the main author. It supports a number of JDBC databases and has an Android backend. Here is the getting started section of the manual which has some code examples.

Here also are working examples of simple usage patterns.

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