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Get local currency in swift

I am setting up an little in app purchase store for muliple countries. How can I figure out that I have to show up the price in Dollar, Euro etc...
I think it have to do with the localeIdentifier but I am not sure how to handle this

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You can get the currency symbol and code from (NS)Locale with

Swift 1 and 2

let locale = NSLocale.currentLocale()
let currencySymbol = locale.objectForKey(NSLocaleCurrencySymbol)!
let currencyCode = locale.objectForKey(NSLocaleCurrencyCode)!

Swift 3

let locale = Locale.current()
let currencySymbol = locale.object(forKey: .currencySymbol)!
let currencyCode = locale.object(forKey: .currencyCode)!


In later Swift 3 beta versions both values for keys currencySymbol and currencyCode are turned directly into properties.

let locale = Locale.current()
let currencySymbol = locale.currencySymbol
let currencyCode = locale.currencyCode

This correlates with the user region format settings and works in both iOS and macOS

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