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Node.js Question

Relation between Node.js and FireFox

I knew that node.js based on V8 Javascript engine of Google Chrome.
And I want to know If Node.js can run on FireFox ,then how?

What version of firefox support V8 javascript Engine or Node.js?

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You are mixing up JS Engine and browser.

  • V8 is the JS Engine of Google Chrome (also used by Chromium and MongoDB among others).
  • SpiderMonkey is the JS Engine of Firefox (also used by GNOME and Adobe as examples).
  • Chakra is Microsoft's JS Engine, only used by IE and Edge.

Node.js is based on V8, which you confuse with Google Chrome. They use the same JS Engine, but you don't need any part of Chrome itself to use Node.js.

There has been project to port node.js to SpiderMonkey, but the more promising one is JXcore, a node.js fork that is JS Engine independent, and can use V8 or SpiderMonkey directly.

You also may be interested to know that Microsoft is currently porting node.js to Chakra.

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