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Cannot locate the init.lua file

I'm currently working with Wireshark installed in CentOs and I want to use Lua to do some automated packet analysis.

As mentioned in this I tried to run

tshark -X lua_script:hello.lua
to see if I get
Hello World!
. But since I did not then I checked the tshark whether it does not have lua linked with it by using
tshark -v
command. I got the result and part of it said that 'without lua'. So I assume that wireshark is not linked with lua.

Then as mentioned in this link I tried to change the value of "
" but I tried to find the init.lua file but I cannot find this file in the system.

Can anyone tell where is this file is located and is it really a problem with the
not been linked with lua?

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If your Wireshark is not built with Lua, you can't bet Lua support. You can install a new version.

When installing from source on Linux, run ./configure --help to see the options, one of them are:

--with-lua[=DIR]        use liblua (located in directory DIR, if supplied)
                        for the Lua scripting plugin [default=yes, if

Make sure to enable this.