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laravel syntax error unexpected '.' on attempted concatenation of string in model

I am working in Laravel, and I have a model Group where I have rules for validation. I am attempting to have a unique name_group but only for the given year. The code below works perfectly if I replace

with 2016 for example. But when I try to add the actual year of the group to be created by concatenating
, I get a syntax error:

Symfony \ Component \ Debug \ Exception \ FatalErrorException syntax error, unexpected '.', expecting ')'

I have looked at many examples and they (seem) to be written this way, and I just can't find what is wrong. I am thinking perhaps it has something to do that this is in an array...?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


use Illuminate\Auth\UserTrait;
use Illuminate\Auth\UserInterface;
use Illuminate\Auth\Reminders\RemindableTrait;
use Illuminate\Auth\Reminders\RemindableInterface;

class Group extends Eloquent implements UserInterface,RemindableInterface

use UserTrait, RemindableTrait;
protected $table = 'groups';
protected $primaryKey = "id_groups";
protected $fillable = array('name_groups','year_groups','grados_id_grados');

//The error is in the following $rules
public static $rules = array(

'year_groups'=> 'required',
'name_groups'=> 'required|unique:groups,name_groups,NULL, id_groups,year_groups,' . $this->year_groups,
'grados_id_grados' => 'required'

public function grado()
return $this->belongsTo('Grado','grados_id_grados');

public function students()
return $this->belongsToMany('Student','group_student','id_group','id_student')->withTimestamps();
public function teachers()
return $this->belongsToMany('Teacher','group_subject_teacher','id_group','id_teacher')->withPivot('id_subject','year_groups')->withTimestamps();

In the Controller I call validation from the store method:

public function store()
$input = Input::all();
$validation = Validator::make($input, Group::$rules);
$group = new Group;
$group->name_groups = Input::get('name_groups');
$group->year_groups = Input::get('year_groups');
$group->grados_id_grados = Input::get('grados_id_grados');


Answer Source

Looking your code, it seems $rules is variable or property of class. The way you are assigning values to property are wrong, so it is throwing error. Look below code and arrange your code accordingly:-

class anyClass {
 private $year_groups = "2016";     
 public $rules = [];
 public function __construct(){
    $this->rules = array(
        'year_groups'=> 'required',
        'name_groups'=> 'required|unique:groups,name_groups,NULL,    id_groups,year_groups,'.$this->year_groups,
        'grados_id_grados' => 'required'

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