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Recursive ARIMA regression in R

I am working on doing a recursive ARIMA regression. I think I am one the right track (see the code below), but have a problem when I put out the coefficients into vectors. Simply put, the coefficient are all the same, whereas the should have been different.

rolling.arima <- lapply(seq(72,nrow(udb)),
function(x) arima(udb.train,
order = c(1,1,0), seasonal = list(order = c(1,0,0), period = 12)))

all_slopes1 <- unlist(sapply(1:42, function(j) rolling.arima[[j]]$coef[1]))
all_slopes2 <- unlist(sapply(1:42, function(j) rolling.arima[[j]]$coef[2]))


Anyone who can spot the problem?

Answer Source

As stated in the comments, you need to update your data in every window. Try something like this:

rolling.arima <- lapply(seq(72,length(udb.train)), 
                        function(x) arima(udb.train[1:x],
                                          order = c(1,1,0), seasonal = list(order = c(1,0,0), period = 12)))

all_slopes1 <- unlist(sapply(1:lrest, function(j) rolling.arima[[j]]$coef[1]))
all_slopes2 <- unlist(sapply(1:lrest, function(j) rolling.arima[[j]]$coef[2]))


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