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Android Question

Does anyone know why my app won't show on the android market for an Acer Liquid Mini?

I just put an app on the market and it is showing on all phones I have except for my Acer Liquid Mini. This one:

I have phones with the same res screens, Android 2.2, and close enough to the same hardware specs yet this is the only phone that it doesn't show for. It is running on factory defaults. When I try to install by the browser Google just says that the app isn't compatible and no more information.

I have the minSDK set to 4, maxSDK set to 10, I'm not specifying any screen resolutions in the Manifest (as recommended by the Android Doc post Android 1.6) and install location is set to "auto".

Does anyone have any ideas?

Answer Source

Apparently Google has problems with knowing the hardware constraints on some devices, such as this one, my Desire with the 2.3 upgrade and my Irish Galaxy 10.1" tab. They are working to sort it out

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