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What's the best practice way to convert enum to string?

I have enum like this:

public enum ObectTypes

then I need to convert this enum to string. Now Im doing this that way:

public string ConvertToCustomTypeName(ObjectTypes typeObj)
string result = string.Empty;
switch (typeObj)
case ObjectTypes.TypeOne: result = "This is type T123"; break;
case ObjectTypes.TypeTwo: result = "Oh man! This is type T234"; break;
case ObjectTypes.TypeTwenty: result = "This is type last"; break;

return result;

Im quite sure that there is better way do do this, Im looking for some good practice solution.

EDIT: There is no one pattern in result string.

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

I use the [Description] attribute from System.ComponentModel


public enum RoleType
    [Description("Allows access to public information")] Guest = 0,
    [Description("Allows access to the blog")] BlogReader = 4,

Then to read from it I do

public static string ReadDescription<T>(T enumMember)
    var type = typeof (T);

    var fi = type.GetField(enumMember.ToString());
    var attributes = (DescriptionAttribute[]) 
            fi.GetCustomAttributes(typeof (DescriptionAttribute), false);
    return attributes.Length > 0 ? 
        attributes[0].Description : 

Then usage


Note: this solution assumes a single culture application as nothing was specifically asked about multiple cultures. If you are in a situation that you need to handle multiple cultures I would use the DescriptionAttribute or similar to store a key to a culture aware resource file. While you could store the enum member directly in the .resx file that would create the tightest coupling possible. I see no reason why you would want to couple the internal workings of your application (the enum member names) to key values that exist for internationalization purposes.