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jQuery Question

Injection text into "URL" part of img tag

I have a URL like this:

What I want to do is that when the screen is smaller than 768px wide, I can change the url so instead of "logo.png" it says "mobile-logo.png".

Is there a function similar to "PHP explode" where I can target the logo part and replace it with "mobile-logo"?

The problem is the URL is dynamic so if I for example, say that I want to add the word "mobile" in after 10 characters, it may not work as url will change so it puts it in the wrong place.

Is there a bit of javascript/jQuery to simply do this?
Many Thanks

Answer Source

You can do this with css. Just use two <img> for this issue, like this:


<img class="show-on-desktop" src="" />
<img class="show-on-mobile" src="" />


    display: none;

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px){
        display: none;

        display: block;

Working example:

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