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Logical operator in a handlebars.js {{#if}} conditional

Is there a way in handlebars JS to incorporate logical operators into the standard handlebars.js conditional operator? Something like this:

{{#if section1 || section2}}
.. content

I know I could write my own helper, but first I'd like to make sure I'm not reinventing the wheel.

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This is possible by 'cheating' with a block helper. This probably goes against the Ideology of the people who developed Handlebars.

Handlebars.registerHelper('ifCond', function(v1, v2, options) {
  if(v1 === v2) {
    return options.fn(this);
  return options.inverse(this);

You can then call the helper in the template like this

{{#ifCond v1 v2}}
    {{v1}} is equal to {{v2}}
    {{v1}} is not equal to {{v2}}
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