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Should i use hybrid app for large app?

I have a 3+ years experience in web development and developed few small app in Ionic and Phonegap. But now i jitters to develop large app in hybrid app instead of native.

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You should consider many aspects when developing Hybrid Application:

1. Performance
Hybrid app suffer in performance, though a framework like Xamarin have close to native performance, we still get an app that not 'so fast' when we have a little low performance here and there.

2. UI
If you want to create an awesome user experience, the native app approach would be better. A hybrid app can never match the level of creative user experience that you get in a native app. However, this doesn’t mean that the user experience of a hybrid app is bad. A good front-end developer in hybrid app can get close to a native experience, but it’s a far stretch.

2. Maintainability
Hybrid framework proudly tell us that we only need to maintain one project for Android, IOS, and other. But behind the curtain, we can't developing happily without touching the native aspect of app ecosystem. For example, UI in Android and IOS have a different look and feel and also have a different handling. So, instead maintaining one project, we end up maintaining one project + the other app ecosystem. This not really good for the long run.

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