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Python Question

Writing Percentages in Excel Using Pandas

When writing to csv's before using Pandas, I would often use the following format for percentages:

'%0.2f%%' % (x * 100)

This would be processed by Excel correctly when loading the csv.

Now, I'm trying to use Pandas' to_excel function and using

(simulated * 100.).to_excel(writer, 'Simulated', float_format='%0.2f%%')

and getting a "ValueError: invalid literal for float(): 0.0126%". Without the '%%' it writes fine but is not formatted as percent.

Is there a way to write percentages in Pandas' to_excel?

Answer Source

You can do the following workaround in order to accomplish this:

df *= 100
df = pandas.DataFrame(df, dtype=str)
df += '%'

ew = pandas.ExcelWriter('test.xlsx')
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