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CSS Question

PHP replace CSS in HTML tags

does anyone has an idea about replace css styles into style attribute on html tags
example you have css file, html file


#example { color: #CCC; font-weight: bold; }


<div id="example">Example</div>

and you will have this when you run php

<div style="color: #CCC; font-weight: bold;">Example</div>

why oh why :)

some work need inline styles for some system that doesn't support <link>, <style> or script tags


E-mail template (all of you can not insert <link>, <style>, <script> inside the email right ?),

or build HTML for insert in another system (product detail in, ...)

Answer Source

You probably need to use a DOM parser, take a look at SimpleHTMLDom. Here's an example:

// Assuming that it's an array of styles
// keyed by HTML element IDs or classes.
// @see
$styles = some_php_css_parser('example.css');

// Create a DOM object
$html = new simple_html_dom();

// Load HTML from a HTML file, 
// there are also other options, @see API.

// Walk through the target elements.
foreach ($html->find('blah') as $element) {
    $element->style = $styles[$element->id];

// Cache and output...

Also you need to consider caching the output, otherwise I also say so, but why oh why!

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