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Android: Emulator control is disabled in the DDMS perspective

I'm now facing a problem with Eclipse on Ubuntu. My device is connected, list by "adb devices" command and I can see the list of processes running in the Devices view. But all controls in the Emulator Control are disabled.

Does anyone know what may be the reason for this?


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First, make sure that the device is selected in the Devices view. You cannot use Emulator Control unless the device or emulator is selected.

If that does not help, close Eclipse, and try running DDMS outside of Eclipse -- there's a ddms shell script in the tools/ directory of wherever you installed the Android SDK.

If that does not help, run adb kill-server, followed by adb start-server, where adb should be in your platform-tools/ directory of your SDK installation. Then, try DDMS again.

If that does not help, reboot, then try DDMS again.

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