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select indexOfObject from NSArray in Xcode by comparing string

Hi I have

values in Xcode. I need to get array indexOfObject by comparing string values.
my array values are

firstName = lord;
lastname = krishna;
firstName = priya;
lastname = amirtha;

If I type first name in textfield and click button means last name want to display in another textfield.

thank you.

Answer Source

To answer the title of your question:

NSString *compareString = @"something";
NSMutableArray *indexesOfMatches = [[NSMutableArray alloc]init];

for (NSString *string in theArray) {

   if ([string isEqualToString:compareString]) {
       NSNumber *index = [[NSNumber numberWithInterger:[theArray indexOfObject:string]];
       [indexOfMatches addObject:index];
    //indexOfMatches will now contain NSNumber objects that represent the indexes of each of the matching string objects in the array

I think that using an NSDictionary would be better for you though. Then you can simply keep the first and last names as Key Value pairs.

NSDictionary *names = @{@"lord" : @"krishna", @"priya" : @"amirtha" };

Then you can just do value for key when you get the first name:

NSString *firstName = @"lord";
NSString *lastName = [names valueForKey:firstName];
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