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JSON Question

Javascript Trim left and right from an JSOn response

i search a easy way to trim left something from my json response and trim right something from my json output.

as example
my json how it is:


how i want it to be!:


as you can see i want TrimLeft all before
and TrimRight alls behing

and this is where i have my json response in: res

function responseHandler(res) {

return res;

Thank you very much!

Answer Source

The easiest way to go would probably to just save this json to a variable and access the content of something similar like this:

var jsonOutput = {"something":[{"id":"1","name":"Test1"},{"id":"2","name":"Test2"},{"id":"3","name":"Test3"}]};
var something = jsonOutput.something;

The output should be the expected json.

Edit 1

Referring to your edit I add another piece of code to come up to your solution.

function responseHandler(response) { 
    var result = response.something;
    return result ; 

This should give you the expected response.

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