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Parallelize the addition of a vector of matrices in OPENMP

I have a STL Vector containing some Matrices such as this

std::vector foovec;

There are approximately 3000 entries in this vector that I want to add up and form a new Eigen::Matrix.

The naive C++ code to do this would be :

for(int i = 0; i <foovec.size();i++) {
result += foovec[i];

However I want to parallelize this operation using OPENMP. I know I cant use the reduction pragma since this is a non-scalar type. If anyone can tell me a good way to parallelize this reduction without any write conflicts, that would be great.

Answer Source

You can do this

//std::vector<Eigen::Matrix<double, n, m>> foovec;
#pragma omp parallel
    Eigen::Matrix<double, n, m> result_private; 
    #pragma omp for nowait //fill result_private in parallel
    for(int i=0; i<foovec.size(); i++) result_private += foovec[i];
    #pragma omp critical
    result += result_private; 

For OpenMP >=4.0 you can also do this

#pragma omp declare reduction (merge : Eigen::Matrix<double, n, m> : omp_out += omp_in)

#pragma omp parallel for reduction(merge: result)
for(int i=0; i<foovec.size(); i++) result += foovec[i];
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