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HTML Question

Parents method doesn't work for closing Two Pages

I have Two Pages that both of them has an image that is used as a Close Button. This is HTML Code :

<div id="bioPage">
<img id="closeBtn" src="Images/CloseButton.png" alt="Close Button" />
<div id="skillsPage">
<img id="closeBtn" src="Images/CloseButton.png" alt="Close Button" />

& I want to write a code just once to close pages when the Close Button in them clicked. So I wrote this :

$('#closeBtn').click(function() {
var parentDiv = $(this).parents('div:first');
parentDiv.css('left', '-100%');
'left': '0px'
}, 500);

But It works for the First Page & Second Page doesn't close when the Close Button clicked.

Answer Source

This is expected behavior. Identifiers in HTML must be unique. You can use a common class with the elements then easily use Class Selector (“.class”)


<img class="closeBtn" src="Images/CloseButton.png" alt="Close Button" />


$('.closeBtn').click(function() {
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