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xcode9 not able to generate .xcworkspace file with cocoa pods


i am trying the install some libraries with cocoapods, but after running
pod install
.xcworkspace file is not generating, I have also tried to update cocoapods, but after updating the pods also .xcworkspace file is not generating.

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Works fine for me using Xcode 9 if I follow these steps with Cocoapods version 1.1+

  • Create new Xcode project (let's say with the name of Cocoapods).
  • Follow the Xcode project location and pod init it will create Podfile
  • Open the Podfile using open -e Podfile add Libraries names and pod install

enter image description here

But in your case Podfile.lock is missing. I guess you should run pod deintegrate and pod install once again if still, you face the issue then you need to change the Cocoapods version.

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