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Java Question

Spring: get all Beans of certain interface AND type

In my Spring Boot application, suppose I have interface in Java:

public interface MyFilter<E extends SomeDataInterface>

(a good example is Spring's public interface ApplicationListener< E extends ApplicationEvent > )

and I have couple of implementations like:

public class DesignatedFilter1 implements MyFilter<SpecificDataInterface>{...}

public class DesignatedFilter2 implements MyFilter<SpecificDataInterface>{...}

public class DesignatedFilter3 implements MyFilter<AnotherSpecificDataInterface>{...}

Then, in some object I am interested to utilize all filters that implement MyFilter< SpecificDataInterface > but NOT MyFilter< AnotherSpecificDataInterface >

What would be the syntax for this?

Answer Source

The following will inject every MyFilter instance that has a type that extends SpecificDataInterface as generic argument into the List.

private List<MyFilter<? extends SpecificDataInterface>> list;
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