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SpringBoot 1.3.0 support hibernate 5?

I'm a little confused about SpringBoot's (1.3.0) support of Hibernate5. The reference lists a dependency on hibernate 4.3.11.Final but it also lists a dependency on SpringFramework 4.2.3 which includes Hibernate5 support.

Is it just a matter of adding the extra Hibernate5 dependencies to override what Boot bundles? Can someone please clarify for me?

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You can use either Hibernate 4.3 or Hibernate 5.0 with Spring Boot 1.3. As you've observed, Hibernate 4.3.x is the default version.

To use Hibernate 5.0 you should override the hibernate.version property in Spring Boot's dependency management. Assuming that you're using Maven:


When using Hibernate 5.0, the one big difference from using Hibernate 4.3.x is that you'll lose Spring Boot's custom naming strategy. Due to a breaking change made in Hibernate 5.0, you'll see a warning like this logged at startup:

2015-12-07 10:04:56.911  WARN 81371 --- [           main] org.hibernate.orm.deprecation            : HHH90000006: Attempted to specify unsupported NamingStrategy via setting [hibernate.ejb.naming_strategy]; NamingStrategy has been removed in favor of the split ImplicitNamingStrategy and PhysicalNamingStrategy; use [hibernate.implicit_naming_strategy] or [hibernate.physical_naming_strategy], respectively, instead.

If you dislike Hibernate 5's defaults, you can specify a custom implicit or physical naming strategy in Spring Boot's using the and properties respectively.

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