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Python Question

Variable as statement in python?

I was reading some python code and come across this. Since I mostly write C and Java (And variable as statement doesn't even compile in these language) I'm not sure what it is about in python.

What does

, the "variable as statement", means here? Is it just some way to print the variable out, or this is a special grammar thing / practice in dealing with exceptions in python?

class PriorityQueue():

def __init__(self):
self.queue = []
self.current = 0

def next(self):
if self.current >=len(self.queue):
raise StopIteration

out = self.queue[self.current]
self.current += 1

return out

Answer Source

It really doesn't do anything, the only way it can do anything in particular, as @Daniel said in the comments, is if self.current refers to a property method. Something like the following:

class X():
    def current(self):
        return whatever

    def next(self):

This way, calling self.current, would actually do something.

But anyways its definitely not considered good practice since a property is just that, a property, if it's supposed to do something, it should be method.

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