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Java Question

How to do CVS commit using java code

I need to commit a file into CVS repository using java code.

My requirement is, When a submit button is clicked, I need to receive the call to java method and then commit a file to CVS repository using Java code in the background without using any GUI tools.

I know the below items.

  • Branch to commit.

  • Name and path of the file to Commit.

  • CVS repo url.

  • CVS Username and password.

How can I use the above details to connect to CVS server and then do the commit?


Please find below the solution which worked for me. Its pretty straightforward and easy.

   ProcessBuilder builder = new ProcessBuilder(
            "cmd.exe", "/c", "cd D:/CVS_REPO/ && dir && cvs checkout  && cd project_folder && cvs commit -m \"Admin Tool\"");
        Process p = builder.start();
        BufferedReader r = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(p.getInputStream()));
        String line;
        while (true) {
            line = r.readLine();
            if (line == null) { break; }