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Creating more than 1000 users at a time in new version firebase

I want to create more than 1000 users at a time by using
createUserWithEmailAndPassword api.But after 10-15 users created successfully,I got the error message that firebase block this device due to some unusal activity.

As per my understanding,this is because,whenever i am creating user ,user automatically login due to which from a single device multiple user login,firebase blocked the user.

Will there any ways to solve this problem.Please suggest me how to create more than 1000 users.

Will there any ways to use old sdk in new sdk in firebase.In old version firebase api,it is working fine.

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Update (2016-11-08), original answer below:

Firebase just updated their command line tools and added an auth:import command:

The auth:import command imports user accounts into a Firebase project.

See the reference documentation for auth:import to learn more about it.

There now also is a Firebase Admin SDK, which contains functionality that you can run on a server to create user accounts without immediately signing them in. This SDK is still under a rate limiting though, so you'll probably be better served by the auth:import command of the CLI.

Original answer

The current Firebase Authentication API is made to allow users to create their own account. It is not meant to allow pre-creating accounts by some administrative process. As you've discovered, such a process will quickly be blocked.

There is no way to accomplish your use-case at the moment, aside from creating the accounts when the user actually signs up. We may expand the API in the future to allow you use-case, but as usual: no promises or timelines.

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