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jQuery Question

Update JavaScript Object

I know there are some similar questions, but non of them could not help me with my issue:

I have an Object:

var mapOptions = {
legend: {
{name: 'Europe', backgroundColor: 'RGB(228,101,41)'},
{name: 'APAC', backgroundColor: 'RGB(0,71,126)'},
{name: 'MENEAT', backgroundColor: 'RGB(145,0,73)'}

This object should be updated by this object:

var newOptions = {
legend: {
data: [
{name: 'Europe', backgroundColor: 'green'},

What should the update function be able to do:

  1. Update attributes: From

  2. Delete do not needed items: E.g. Only
    item should remain.

For now I use the
jQuery extend/deep

$.extend(true, mapOptions, newOptions);

It works partly. Only the Attributes are updated.

Can anybody help me to achieve the second point, how to delete/add items?

Or should I split it in 2 functions better?

Thank you for any help!

Answer Source

Based on your example, the solution could be a basic assignment: =
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