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Find out if a rectangle is inside another rectangle [C]

So I have two rectangles, the user has to input the bottom left point (x1,y1, but y1 is always 0) and the top right point (x2,y2), and I have to find out if one of them is completely inside the other (or they are exactly the same).

And it'll be a bit harder since I'll actually have to make the program so the user can decide how many rectangles they want to create, but at first I'd be happy to know how to check in the case of 2 rectangles.

Answer Source

Below is comparing the sides of the inner rectangle to the sides of the outer rectangle

if Right2 < Right1 && Left2 > Left1 && Top2 > Top1 && Bottom2 < Bottom1


struct RECT
    double x,y, w,h;

    RECT(double a,double b,double c,double d)
    x=a; y=b; w=c; h=d;

bool contains(RECT R1, RECT R2)
    if (   (R2.x+R2.w) < (R1.x+R1.w)
        && (R2.x) > (R1.x)
        && (R2.y) > (R1.y)
        && (R2.y+R2.h) < (R1.y+R1.h)
        return true;
        return false;
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