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Javascript Question

How to disable a "dijit.form.FilteringSelect" widget?

I cannot find a way to disable the dijit.form.FilteringSelect widget. The requirement makes the css display as none is not an option.

Any hint? Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

Figure it out myself:

dijit.byId('_fromState_id').set('disabled', true);

simply does the job. Change it to false can enable the widget.



Plus, there is another attribute to the widget called "readOnly", the difference from it and "disabled" is that :

  1. disabled does not allow any value given to the widget, meaning the widget value is always NULL("") in the form. It might be a problem in NotNull situation;

  2. but readOnly allows to preset a value to the widget and make it not editable, and user can still submit the value just only not able to change it.


  dijit.byId("_fromState_id").set("value", "NOTAVAILABLE");
  dijit.byId('_fromState_id').set('readOnly', true);
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