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Android Question

googleMap.getMyLocation(); cannot get current location

i want to make a program to calculate the distance between some places to my current location, but my googleMap.getMyLocation(); doesnt work properly.

googleMap = ((MapFragment) getFragmentManager().findFragmentById(;
mylocation = googleMap.getMyLocation();
direction = new GMapV2Direction();

LatLng from, to;
from = new LatLng(-7.26071409, 112.80674726);
for(int i=0; i<lat.length; i++){
to = new LatLng(lat[i], lon[i]);
doc = direksi.getDocument(from, to, GMapV2Direction.MODE_DRIVING);
distance[i] = (double)direction.getDistanceValue(doc) / 1000;

i saved the latitude and longitude of some places in lat[] and lon[].
LatLng 'from' is mylocation and 'to' is my destination places.
the problem appear when i change

from = new LatLng(-7.26071409, 112.80674726);
from = new LatLng(mylocation.getLatitude(), mylocation.getLongitude());

i want to do the calculation without opening the googlemaps. the google maps will appear when i touch the map button as pop up window. so the calculation will happen without opening googlemap

please help me


Try this...I hope this will be help to you

LocationManager locationManager = (LocationManager)
Criteria criteria = new Criteria();

Location location = locationManager.getLastKnownLocation(locationManager
        .getBestProvider(criteria, false));
double latitude = location.getLatitude();
double longitude = location.getLongitude();