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How to activate "Installed" programmatically?

This is an UIView and I want to activate it (with its constraints etc.) when I want, how to do that? I don't want removefromsuperview etc. just want to learn this "Installed" function exact equivalent in terms of code.

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There are two options 1) hide 2) removefromSuperview.

If You install or uninstall view from storyboard is equivalent to add/remove view.

refer this apple documentation it says,

A runtime object for an uninstalled view is still created. However, the view and any related constraints are not added to the view hierarchy and the view has a superview property of nil. This is different from being hidden. A hidden view is in the view hierarchy along as are any related constraints.

you can check this by two line of code,

 //convert in swift !!
 NSArray *arr = [self.view subviews];
 NSLog(@"arr is %@",arr);

try it with installed and uninstalled. hope this will help :)

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