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Getting Scene Names at Runtime/Creating Scenes at runtime

I want to build a RTS Game in Unity version
I want to have a dropdown menu to select the level i want to play.
I dont want to hardcode it in so how do i get the scene names at runtime?
This is neccessary to add new Levels ingame.
Thats the next question then. How do i create new scenes and add them to build path at runtime to use them ingame? for example in an map editor?

I cant use the UnityEditor to go through all scenes with foreeach, because its a editor class and these dont get into the final build..


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As of Unity 5.x, there are much more robust options for managing scenes at runtime.

Getting the current scene name:


Getting a list of all scene names added to the SceneManager:

var numScenes = SceneManager.sceneCount;
List<string> sceneNames = new List<string>(numScenes);

for (int i=0; i < numScenes; ++i)

Creating new scene at runtime:

var newScene = SceneManager.CreateScene(string sceneName);

Adding new scenes to the build path at runtime:

I'm fairly certain this is not possible nor recommended.

If you want the functionality of a level editor in your game, consider writing your own method of serializing a scene so that it can be deserialized into an empty scene at runtime.

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